10 of the Best Cities in the World for Longboarding

10 of the Best Cities in the World for Longboarding

Being skateboarders, or more specifically, longboarders, we always find it extremely frustrating when in the city. And the reason is mostly because many vehicles don’t like skateboarders. This makes traveling in the city not a very good experience for skateboarders.

That being said, you’ll surprise to find out about the amazing cities in our list that are considered as longboarding havens. Here you’ll find a lot of fellow skateboarders who share the same interest of longboarding, experience amazing friendly attitudes from the locals, and most importantly, gain access to awesome longboarding tracks.

1. Los Angeles, USA

the best cities in the world for Longboarding
the best cities in the world for Longboarding

This is probably one of the best cities in the world to do all sort of things. From experiencing the beautiful sceneries, surfing the majestic waves on the beaches, experiencing the nightlife of American young people, and best of all, cruising through the town on your longboard. You’ll find a lot of fellow skateboarders here who share the same interest as you.

With the perfect climate, which is mostly sunny and clear, every day is a great day to skate. However, if you’re a tourist who’ve just arrived in America, you better don’t mess with the cops. That being said, the polices here are not very friendly, especially toward skateboarders.

2. Barcelona, Spain

The capital city of Catalonia is not only the home of the world’s greatest football club but also a paradise for skateboarders. With epic structures and beautiful constructions, you can spend time on your longboard experiencing the famous tourist spots in the town while relaxing on your longboard at the same time.

In additions, with a warm climate and comfortable winds from the ocean, you’re in for a real treat when longboarding in Barcelona. And last but not least, its people, although don’t skate too much, is considered one of the friendliest communities in Europe. Hence, you’ll likely to enjoy your trip here.

3. Seoul, South Korea

This might sound like an unlikely location since most of our impressions about this Asian city are often related to a modern city with dense traffic. So where are the places for longboarders to enjoy their skating?

However, if you consider the fact that there is currently no rule against longboarding in the city of Seoul, traveling on four wheels might be a great way to get pass that “first miles” and “last miles” problems. In additions, with lots of roads and pavements that are constructed with marble and concrete, you can comfortably skate on your longboard.

And if you want to experience the exciting sensation of doing downhill longboarding, just move your eyes a few miles away from the city, there are tons of different mountain passes for you to explore.

4. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

traveling on four wheels might be a great way to get pass
traveling on four wheels might be a great way to get pass

Famous for its sunny beaches and exciting carnivals, the city of Rio De Janeiro is also considered a longboarding haven for many reasons.

Here you’ll find smooth roads and cycle paths that spread along the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema. Take your longboard for a relaxing ride along the city as you bath under the comfortable sunlight is undoubtedly a great activity.

And if you’re more into doing tricks or downhill skating, there are many local skating groups who gather at the park for these types of activities. It would only take a few minutes for you to make new friends.

5. Portland, USA

Being one of the most biking-friendly city, the people of Portland also develop their interest and affection for other kinds of personal mobility. Having said that, longboarders are always welcome in the city of Portland.

The city has built its own road system for personal transportations to travel. Hence, you’ll be safe even when cruising on the downtown street of Portland. Here you’ll also find little cars as people mostly ride on public vehicles and their personal transportations including bikes, scooters, skateboards, and the likes.

And you want to get away from the crowded city, there are always places to go. You can either spend time in the massive skate parks in the city or move to famous longboarding locations. Nonetheless, you’ll be having wonderful times in this friendly city.

One minor drawback is that the city tends to have a lot of rain, thus you should only visit it in the summer if you want to do longboarding.

6. Cape Town, South Africa

The city is well-known for its surfing culture as well as any board-related sports. Thus you’ll have great times exploring the city of Cape Town on your longboards. With many of its locals prefer traveling on their skateboards, you’ll never find yourself alone on the streets.

In additions with sunny weathers more than anywhere in the world and hill terrains, Cape Town is a perfect city for longboarding. That being said, you can choose between relaxing cruising along the beaches or doing high-speed downhill racings.

7. Malmo, Sweden

the country is filled with awesome skate parks
the country is filled with awesome skate parks

Although it mostly rains throughout the years in Malmo, the city still has one of the best summers in the world. If you visit here in the right season, you’ll be experiencing one of the longest summer days in the world with approximately 17 hours of sunlight every day. On top of that, the weather always stays cool and calm, making it suitable for outdoor activities like longboarding.

And in case you don’t know yet, Sweden people love skating. Hence, the country is filled with awesome skate parks as well as roads for skating only.

8. Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Although many people are bothered by the humid and hot weather that’s always a norm in the city of Albuquerque, I personally find it a great city for longboarding.

That being said, if you’re capable of withstanding the annoying weather, you’ll find that the city is filled with incredible longboarding locations. Smooth pavements, lots of hills, and beautiful tourist spots will definitely satisfy you.

9. Forsand, Norway (Titan’s path)

The pleasant weather in the Scandinavian area has always been the main attraction for tourist. Here in the city of Forsand, Norway, you’ll find your true paradise for longboarding. Its plethora of mountains and hills, as well as smooth roads and passages, make longboarding an exciting activity.

And to take longboarding to the extreme, many skaters love going to the Titan’s Path. Curving slopes of mountain passages and smooth roads will ensure safe and exciting downhill longboarding experiences for those who’re looking for a real challenge.

10. Cuesta de Lipan, Argentina

you’ll find a long pass that travels along the Quebrada Humahuaca canyon
you’ll find a long pass that travels along the Quebrada Humahuaca canyon

Remaining a mystery to the majority of the world, I accidentally discover the majestic slopes of the Andes Mountains thanks to a few friends during our trip to Argentina. Here you’ll find a long pass that travels along the Quebrada Humahuaca canyon which rises over 1000 meters above the sea.

With proper weathers, you’ll be experiencing a long but relaxing ride on your longboard, here in Cuesta de Lipan, Argentina.

And that’s our top 10 best cities in the world for longboarding. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in our future posts.