What are the pros and cons of using an adult kick scooter for urban commuting?

What are the pros and cons of using an adult kick scooter for urban commuting?

For a very long time, kick scooters are thought to be suitable for children only. However, if you think about it, the vehicle can be a great alternative transportation to quickly get you through that “first miles” and “last miles” distances.

That being said, today adult kick scooters are becoming more and more capable of handling your needs for urban commutes. And it’s only natural that people are starting to use this type of equipment on their daily activities.

In this post, we’ll be talking about the major advantages as well as disadvantages of using an adult kick scooter for urban commuting. So be sure to stay focus if you’re interested in getting one of these.


Should I get a kick scooter for college
Should I get a kick scooter for college

Riding an adult scooter has its certain advantages. However, will it be enough for you to switch to this kind of transportation?

Easy to ride

The first impression that beginners would likely to have on their kick scooters is that they’re quite easy to get used to. Unlike when riding a skateboard or rollerblades, you won’t have to constantly work yourself to maintain the balance. With a low deck, you can simply step down off your scooter whenever you want to stop.

In additions, it also comes with a handlebar which allows users to comfortably control the directions that they’re heading to. While on the other hand, you’ll find it extremely difficult to get used to the control of skateboards or rollerblades.

As a result, many beginner scooter users find themselves quickly familiarized with the control of the vehicles. Thus, allowing them to ride comfortably even after only a few attempts.

Convenient handlebar

You’ll also find the handlebar on your scooter extremely convenient as it provides a resting point for your arms. In additions, by having your hands secured to the handlebar, you can position your upper body and prevent any instability.

Most adult kick scooters nowadays are capable of adjusting the height of their handlebars. So make sure your next scooter come with this feature. You’ll need it to ensure a comfortable experience. That being said, it’s best to adjust your handlebar just right over your waistline to reduce pressure on the back and maintain a relaxed position.


Another feature that you’ll definitely find interesting about kick scooter is their foldability. With intelligent designs, your kick scooters can be folded up to the side of a regular umbrella. In additions, most scooter comes with a relatively lightweight.

Thus, allowing users to carry them anywhere they want. You won’t have to waste your time finding a parking lot like when you travel on your bikes.

Fast travel

What is the best kick scooter for commuting
What is the best kick scooter for commuting

Riding on your scooters is, without a doubt, much faster than traveling on foot. Hence, you can quickly reach your train station or close up the “last miles” distances rather than spend more time walking.

With their relatively large wheels, kick scooters are capable of traveling much faster compared to skateboards. They also feature fewer wheels and smaller lip profiles, which reduce the friction, so you’ll maintain a good speed for a longer period of time.

Have fun doing all the tricks

Along with the casual transportations, kick scooters can be used to perform awesome tricks and skills. Hence, whenever you’re bored, you can always take your scooter to the skate park and have fun with your fellow skaters.

Doing exercise while traveling to work

For those who want to do a little bit of exercise when traveling to work, riding on kick scooters would be a great idea. In fact, it’s a much better method compared to both walking and cycling. If you usually walk to work, most of the time, you’ll arrive at your office exhausted and covered in sweat. On the other hand, cycling is only beneficial if you want to travel a long distance. Hence, adult kick scooters are undoubtedly the best vehicle for urban commuting.


the most noticeable advantages of having an electric scooter over a skateboard
the most noticeable advantages of having an electric scooter over a skateboard

Small deck

One thing that you’ll immediately notice when stepping on most adult kick scooters is the lack of standing space. In facts, on most scooters, you can only fit your front foot and half of your back foot on the deck while the rest of the area is for the two wheels. This makes it extremely uncomfortable if you have to stand on your scooter for a long time.

Less comfortable

Although the handlebar can be quite effective with providing good control as well as stability on the board, users will experience stress and fatigue if they have to stand on the board for too long. The straight posture will result in a poor weight distribution, thus causing back problems. This would never be the case if you choose to ride on skateboards or rollerblades.

Slower than bikes

While the scooters are, without a doubt, great means of transportation, especially at a short range. You’ll find them a lot slower than your bikes. Which could be more effective if you want to travel to work fully on bikes.

Exposed to weathers

Another problem that happens to all personal mobility is the exposure to unsupported weathers. That being said, no matter what you choose, it’s always a better choice to use your cars and other public transport to work during rainy or snowy days.

Final Thoughts

How efficient is riding a kick scooter compared to riding a bike
How efficient is riding a kick scooter compared to riding a bike

For those who’re looking for a useful vehicle for casual transportation and daily commutes. The adult kick scooter is certainly a good choice for its conveniences and efficiencies during short-range travels. You’ll find it extremely easy to get used to while features relatively good portability. It also comes with good speed to help you travel faster.

And every once in a while, if you’re bored of only being able to use your scooter for urban commuting, you can take it to the skate parks and learn one or two things from the professionals.

That’s our opinions on what are the pros and cons of using an adult kick scooters for urban commuting. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in our future posts.